Scrum Master Coaching Cards

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#5 📚 How to Pick the Right Agile Framework?

These coaching cards are designed to help you pick the right Agile framework for your team and organization.

Based on 13 different situational parameters, these coaching cards can be used as a reference deck to remind you why a particular Agile framework works and why other frameworks won’t work for your team.

You can download the coaching cards here.

#4 📚 Learn The Art Of Asking Questions

These Coaching Cards (Learn The Art Of Asking Questions) will teach you one technique that is used in coaching, interviewing, teaching, and problem-solving to guide a conversation from a broad overview down to specific details.

You can use these coaching cards to easily ask powerful questions and get into a natural flow.

You can download the coaching cards here.

#3 📚 Team Trust Coaching Cards

Team Trust Coaching Cards By Vibhor Chandel
1.61MB ∙ PDF file
How do you make your “team-members” trust each other? Introducing “Team Trust Coaching Cards”, for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches. If Trust = (Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy) / Self-Orientation Then these coaching cards will give you 25+ fun/educational team activities to inject trust within your team. You’ll learn how to boost credibility, reliability, intimacy and reduce self-orientation.

#2 📚 Conflict Coaching Cards

Conflict Coaching Cards By Vibhor Chandel
822KB ∙ PDF file
I have created these coaching cards for Scrum Masters to help them navigate through "CONFLICT" scenarios. It covers the following 5 stages of a 1:1 coaching session to attempt to resolve workplace-related conflicts: 1) Establishing a Coaching Agreement 2) Pin-pointing the Real Issue 3) Assessing the Current State 4) Defining the Desired State 5) Working out how to get to the Desired State

#1 📚 Guide To Building High-Performing Teams

Creating High Performing Teams By Vibhor Chandel
9.51MB ∙ PDF file
I have created these Coaching Cards to help Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches guide their teams into becoming High Performing. Because "Team Performance" depends upon many factors, I decided to tame the beast in iterations. Although pretty big itself, given 88 pages, consider this iteration-1. The reason it’s big is that I wanted to lay a firm foundation on which to build the complete solution, but at the same time wanted to provide you with a working model that could provide value out of the box. You can use it to check the Psychological Safety of individual team members in conjunction with making sure that the whole team is moving towards attaining High Performance. Also, as with “Coaching Cards for Conflict”, all suggestions are welcome and will be tested to become a part of future iterations. I hope that with these cards, I am able to provide some value to You.